Organic Whole Grain Wheat Flour


Ben Penner Farms exists to inspire human flourishing through agriculture. My method is systematic entrepreneurship using a lean framework to learn and continuously improve every facet of the operation. The farm is located in three locations; on 28 acres near Belle Plaine, seven acres near Henderson and 38 acres near LeSueur, Minnesota. All of my products are certified by MOSA Certified Organic. I grow, market and sell alfalfa, hard red winter and spring wheat, food grade soybeans and cover crops. I use no-till organic farming practices using a combination of rye cover crops and crop rotations. If you would like to buy whole grain organic flour please shop at one of these stores!

My wheat is grown by me in Minnesota at 1100 W. South Street in Belle Plaine, MN.

I have a truly local flour. Grown, milled and sold in Minnesota.

Here’s a map where you can find some of my fields. Send me an email to set up a time to visit!


23 thoughts on “Organic Whole Grain Wheat Flour

  1. Hi Ben,
    Got your address from Rhonda at the Chameleon in New Prague.
    I bake and sell bread at the farmers market there and was just telling someone about Turkey Red flour.
    I would like to try baking with it.
    Do you do lighter extractions or just whole wheat?


    1. Igor,

      Thank you for contacting me! This season, I only have whole wheat (and whole rye). I could leave a bag or two of the Turkey Red at the counter at Chameleon if you want to pick them up the next time you are in. Let me know if that would work for you, otherwise I can deliver to you.



  2. Jamie says:

    Hi Ben, I just found your farm as I was doing some searching for wheat farms near me in MN. Do you sell Turkey Red berries? I mill my own flour at home and I usually use Red Fife but would love to try Turkey Red.


  3. Anne E Kruse says:

    Hi Ben!
    It’s a joy to be providing your wonderful Whole Grain Wheat Flour to our CSA customers. Thanks for your hard work and commitment to this venue of GOOD FOOD.

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    1. Tracy L says:

      I am interested in purchasing Hard Spring Red Wheat berries and also Turkey Red Winter Wheat berries. I live in the Metro and want to mill my own flour. I’m willing to pick up, would this be a possibility?


      1. Hi Jenny, Thank you for your interest. Yes, I do sell in bulk. You can see most of my items on the store by clicking here: In a nutshell, I can sell grain in ~30 lb. Food Grade buckets, or in larger quantities in totes up to 2000 lbs. The prices vary depending on quantity. Please reach out to me via email at or by phone/text at 507-995-7756 and I can walk you through the options. Ben


    1. Mark Leppert says:

      Hi Ben! I have a small farm about hour west of fargo. Been growing an old French wheat called Rouge a Bordeaux
      For years. Found that it is much better and older than fife or turkey red. It is
      Very disease resistant. And stands well.
      Had the 2016 crop do over 60 per acre.
      Would like you to try some.


  4. Leah Deiman says:

    Hi Ben, I’m also interested in buying Turkey Red and Hard Spring Red Wheat berries (and maybe a few other things if you have any in hand). I’ve emailed you and would love to get in touch!


  5. Amy says:

    Hello Ben! What are you growing this year? I really enjoyed the red winter wheat Joy Versluis hand delivered to me when I lived in Michigan in 2016.


    Amy Schneidhorst


    1. Hi Amy! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! I have plenty of Turkey Red Whole-Grain Flour and this year I’m experimenting with a white flour that is similar to an All-Purpose. Would you like to try some? I put up a new order form on my website, so let me know if there’s anything you’d like to order.


      1. Amy says:

        Ben, I am sorry to have missed your earlier reply. I am glad to see that you also have an all-purpose flour. I turned a Minneapolis friend onto your wheat and he gifted some to a friend. Sadly, shipping is now cost prohibitive now that I have moved out of the Midwest to Rhode Island. But I have found some heritage red wheat through Maine Grains. Best of success as the word spreads about your terrific grains MN and beyond.


  6. katy hargis says:

    Hi Ben,
    is there any way that you could mail flour? I would pay for it over the phone? My son lives in San Diego and says he can’t find good organic flour out there-with the crisis they are having a flour shortage!
    My email is


  7. Wanda Martens says:

    Hello Ben, I think we might be distantly related. My grandmother on my father’s side was Elizabeth Penner from the Fairview, Oklahoma area. I have lived in the Mound, Mn. area since 1973. I have a
    sister living in Marion County Kansas where our ancestor first brought the Red Turkey Wheat from
    Russia over to America. I recently bought some flour for her from Baker’s Field Bakery, “Bread Flour”
    but not sure that’s from your farm. I would like to obtain some of your Wheat flour varities to take to
    her when I travel down next month.


    1. Hi Melissa, Thank you for your patience as I have been slow to approve the comments on my blog. Yes, I do sell straw. I have some organic wheat straw available right now in round bales, if you need it. If you would like some square bales I can make some for you in July when I harvest the wheat. Ben


      1. Melissa Driscoll says:

        Hi Ben,
        Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am interested in small squares. I try hard to avoid weed seeds…will you have some weed free straw? What is the price for small squares and where would I be picking them up?


  8. Dear Ben!

    I am writing to you to invite you to our virtual event In the name of Bread.

    My name is Anna Bonavita and I am the founder and executive director of Esperienza, a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting the Italian culture and based in Minneapolis. Esperienza takes small groups to Emilia-Romagna with the goal of genuine cultural immersion and as a result revitalizion of rural villages.

    Beginning in May 2020 Esperienza has reinvented itself and is now offering a series of virtual visits to small farmers, artisans, artists and chefs in Romagna. Our next event is called : “In the Name of Bread, From Earth to Loaf” and will take place on Saturday, March 20th at 11:00 AM CT. We would be honored to have you as a guest at the event.

    Our featured Italian guests will be two small bread makers who are returning to the best practices of the past: maintaining an intimate connection throughout every step of production, from raw ingredients to the final, crusty and delicious product. Hopefully for a moment Esperienza could serve as a bridge connecting American and Italian bread renaissance. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,

    P.S. Please write to me at


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